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New conception and decision support model for integrated urban water system

Rapportnr TUHH: 68
Type Rapport, alleen pdf
Datum 9-4-2009


'Traditionally, water supply, wastewater disposal, and rainwater elimination systems are three separate systems in cities. It has been realised that urban water systems must be planned, designed, and managed as one integrated urban water system (IUWS). As the emerging direction of development, there is still a lack of conception, models and experiences to consider and deal with IUWSs. Therefore, this research conceives the new thoughts and methods for IUWSs. The urban water system is structured into a four-level hierarchy. Water end-users and their water usage profiles are re-defined in the hierarchy. As two key elements, rainwater utilisation and water reuse are integrated. A special planning procedure for IUWS is developed based on the hierarchical system. Consequently, the decision support model IUWS-DSM is developed as a planning tool for IUWSs in the early project phase. Then, a method to realise the IUWS-DSM in the software is proposed.' 

Bron: Feng (2009)